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We have spent the last 11 years providing gas safety checks and supplying landlord certificates in East London. Landlords are legally required to acquire annual gas safety certificates as a means of ensuring tenants are living in a safe environment. Our team of specialists make this easy for you, carrying out all checks and giving you a certificate in PDF form, along with offering additional services such as boiler repair and installation, heating repair and installation, and power flush systems.


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What is a Gas Safety Certificate?

If you rent out property in East London, you are legally obligated to have all gas appliances and pipework checked for safe and correct operation by a registered engineer, who will then issue a Gas Safety Certificate (CP12) to confirm that your gas appliances and flue are safe. You must, by law, renew this certificate every 12 months. Such measures are in place to protect tenants from gas leaks or carbon monoxide.

The results of these checks are recorded in your Landlord Gas Safety Record. With Landlord Facilities, this comes in the form of a PDF sent to your email. You will then need to provide a record of this check to tenants.

What Does My Landlord Gas Safety Record Include?

  • Description and location of each appliance/flue that was checked
  • Name, registration number and signature of engineer who made the checks
  • Date of when checks were carried out
  • Address of the property where checks were carried out
  • Your name and address
  • Information on any safety defects and actions taken to fix them
  • Full results of all safety checks carried out on appliances

Your pipework is not covered by the annual gas safety check law, but we recommend – and can effectively carry out – a test for tightness on the installation pipework and a visual examination. 

 Landlord Certificates in East London





Our Certification Process

When you call on Landlord Facilities to supply landlord certificates in East London, a professional will come to your property and perform the following checks ahead of issuing a gas safety record:

  • Gas tightness text to confirm there are no gas leaks in your pipework system
  • Flue test to confirm there are no unsafe emissions from your boiler
  • Ventilation check to confirm safe operation of gas appliances
  • Gas pressure check to confirm appliances are operating at correct pressure
  • Inspection of your gas controls to confirm safe operation
  • Visually inspect gas appliances for corrosion/leaks
  • Check safety devices to confirm satisfactory operation

Make sure you are legally compliant with all gas safety measures.
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